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Fluker's Hermit Water Conditioners

Fluker's Hermit Water Conditioners
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* Make tap water safe for hermit crab enclosures
* Neutralize chlorine, chloramines, & other toxins
* Essential for your crab's freshwater & saltwater supply

Hermit crabs require a clean supply of both freshwater and saltwater for proper hydration, soaking, and molting. Freshwater Conditioner and Saltwater Concentrate/Conditioner from Fluker's make tap water safe & ready to use. Get them both!

Freshwater Conditioner for Hermit Crabs neutralizes toxic chlorine and chloramines, while detoxifying many heavy metals, such as copper, lead, and zinc. Hermit crabs require a dish of freshwater available at all times. This conditioner conditions tap water into safe drinking/soaking water for your crab.

Saltwater Concentrate and Water Conditioner for Hermit Crabs removes chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia. Simply add one teaspoon of conditioner to each cup of freshwater to create a healthy saltwater bath. Hermit crabs benefit from a dish of salt water in addition to their freshwater supply. This conditioner adds natural sea salt as well as calcium to aid in the hardening of your crab's exoskeleton after molting.

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