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Exo Terra Turtle Grass

Exo Terra Turtle Grass
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* Extremely realistic replica of Turtle Grass for naturalistic reptile terrariums
* Easy to clean and maintain décor perfect for aquatic turtle habitats
* Use in conjunction with real plants to create natural hiding spots for your herp

Create the lush look of your herp's natural habitat without the hassle of real plants. Or combine Exo Terra Turtle Grass with real plants to fill in bare spots or to mimic the striking beauty and feel of nature. Beautiful realistic Exo Terra Turtle Grass and other artificial plants are ideal for use in "sterile" set-ups (such as quarantine terrariums) or used in those spots of the terrarium where real plants cannot thrive or survive.

Use Exo Terra Turtle Grass to provide a perfect protected safe place - a necessity for stress-free herp lifestyle. Super easy to clean - just use the same reptile-safe products you do on any décor item. Flexible design allows you to bend in any position you wish. Weighted cast-stone base adds extra stability.

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