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Zoo Med Repti Bark

Zoo Med Repti Bark
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* Healthy bark floor covering for high-humidity loving reptiles
* All-natural reptile substrate is made of real fir tree bark
* Reusable bark can be refreshed for up to a year!

Zoo MedRepti Bark is created from the ground bark of fir trees and makes a perfect floor covering for all high-humidity loving reptiles. This decorative habitat substrate helps simulate your reptile's natural tropical habitat so closely that your reptile won't even be able to tell the difference. All-natural reptile substrate is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture, then slowly releases it to create humidity. Absorbent Repti Bark helps pull waste away from your pet reptile and is completely reusable - simply soak bark pieces in hot water every 2-3 months for fresh, clean substrate. Bark should be completely replaced once a year. Aids in shedding and respiratory functions and allows natural digging and burrowing activity. 8 quart bag fits 20 gallon tank; 24 quart bag (15 lbs.) fits 55 gallon tank.

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The #1 Selling Reptile Bark!
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