Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood: Reptile Lighting
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Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood

Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood
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* Reptile lighting system employing high output light emitting diodes
* Provide energy-efficient day & night lighting for herptiles' habitats
* Brilliantly showcase reptile habitats AND stimulate live plant growth

Zoo MedDiscover a brilliant, energy-efficient way to illuminate your reptile habitat while keeping operating costs down! Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood employs the latest in LED technology for convenient 24-hour lighting that showcases your reptile habitat - day or night. Groundbreaking fixture keeps electrical costs to a minimum AND eliminates the need for yearly bulb replacements for outstanding savings. Stylish ultra-sleek fixture measures just 5" x 1" thick!

Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood features ReptiSun LED Modules comprised of 6500K daylight high output LEDs for truly naturalistic lighting, 620 nm Red LEDs to stimulate live plant growth, and 465 nm Blue LED for a soothing, nighttime lighting. Two switches allow for independent manual control of daytime and nighttime LEDs. Adjustable sliding rails accommodate a wide range of terrarium sizes and included stainless-steel aircraft cable suspension kit offer alternate hanging option. 6 ft cord.

PLEASE NOTE: The Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood does NOT provide UVB or significant heat. For species that require UVB, use in combination with UVB Lamp or check out the ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood that combines HO T5 UVB fluorescent lamp & HO LEDs for brilliant, naturalistic lighting AND UVB light vital for reptile health.

Three LED Lighting Modes

  • White Only: 6500K Daylight for bright naturalistic lighting of reptile and amphibian habitats. Great for habitats without live plants or with artificial plants.
  • White with Red: 6500K Daylight with 620nm Red for habitats with live plants. Red LEDs provide wavelengths that stimulate plant growth.
  • Blue Moonlight®: Low light 60 milliwatt 465nm Blue LED simulates "Lunar Effect" and provides for nighttime viewing.


LED Terrarium
# of ReptiSun
LED Modules*
Total Watts
18" - 26" 2 10
30" - 38" 4 20
*Each ReptiSun LED Module contains four (4) 1 watt 6500K High Output Daylight LEDs, Two (2) 0.5 watt 620nm Red LEDs and one (1) 60 milliwatt 465nm Blue LED.

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LEDs boast an amazing 20,000-hour life range!
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