Reptile Lighting: Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Mercury Vapor Lamp at Drs. Foster and Smith
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Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury Vapor Lamp

Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury Vapor Lamp
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* Professional series multipurpose lamp for reptile habitats
* Streamlines reptile care by providing heat and functional light
* Full-spectrum reptile light emits optimal levels of UVA and UVB

Exo Terra3-in-1 lamp simulates natural sunlight to streamline reptile care. Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury Vapor Lamp does the job of three lamps providing optimal levels of UV light (including UVA and UVB), visual light and infrared light (heat). Full spectrum Solar Glo provides the benefits of natural sunlight, featuring carefully tuned peaks to ensure reptile appetite, activity, brilliant colors, and calcium absorption through Vitamin D3 production. The Exo Terra Solar Glo is also recommended when very high UVB intensity is required, such as breeding programs and for reptiles recovering from metabolic bone disease.

The Exo Terra Wire Light is suited for use with the Solar Glo Lamps.

Solar Glo Designed For
125 Watt Medium to large size terrariums with a minimum height of 30 inches*.
160 Watt Very large terrariums with a minimum height of 48 inches*, room enclosures, walk-in enclosure and for veterinary use.

*If the bulb is to be mounted inside the terrarium, then the minimum height is 48 inches for the 125W and 60 inches for the 160W Solar Glo. Be sure to provide enough space to allow the animal to be a minimum of 12 inches from the bulb's surface. In addition, provide a temperature and UV gradient within the terrarium.

The Exo Terra Solar Glo Lamp is recommended for larger terrariums where reptiles can regulate their exposure. For use in a fixture with a ceramic/porcelain base that is rated for at least the wattage of the lamp. The Solar Glo must be mounted in a vertically oriented fixture so the bulb points straight down and NOT at an angle. Do not use this bulb in conjunction with a dimmer or thermostat.

Downloadable Exo Terra Solar Glo Instruction Manual PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free.)

Please click on "More Information" for installation instructions.

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