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Algae Scrubber

Algae Scrubber
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* Scrubber with removable handle for reptile habitat maintenance
* Large pad surface & easy-grip handle ease cleaning of turtle tanks
* Removable handle maximizes pad use & allows easy replacement

Make short work of routine herptile maintenance with Drs. Foster and Smith Algae Scrubber. This innovative algae scrubber features a removable comfort-grip handle that provides extra leverage to tackle stubborn algae, organic film, organic buildup, and other deposits. The entire pad surface is utilized to easily power away algae with one swipe!

Smartly priced Drs. Foster and Smith Algae Scrubber extends your budget by maximizing scrubber pad use. When the scrubbing surface of the pad is worn, detach removable handle, flip pad to the unused side for double usage of a single pad. Replace with a fresh pad when both surfaces are exhausted.

Drs. Foster and Smith Algae Scrubber is great for use with glass or acrylic surfaces in turtle tanks, aquatic herptile habitats, paludariums, and more.

Drs. Foster and Smith Algae Scrubber Kit includes the reusable comfort-grip handle and six 6" x 3-1/2" x 3/4" thick pads. Additional Replacement Pads are available as a 12 pack.

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