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Nature Zone Water Bites with Calcium for Feeder Insects

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Nature Zone Water Bites with Calcium for Feeder Insects
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* Convenient water plus calcium source for reptile feeder insects
* Water in a gel reduces reptile feeder insect loss due to drowning
* Eliminates ammonia smell for a more hygienic environment reptile feeder insect

Gel-based formula provides a safe and clean water source for reptile feeder insects. Nature Zone Water Bites with Calcium for Feeder Insects prevent losses due to insect drowning while ensuring a healthy live food source for reptiles. Composed of 99.5% water with less than 0.5% food grade polymer, Water Bites eliminate wet messes as well as odors and unhygienic conditions sometimes associated with water dishes. Calcium fortified gel provides a calcium source for convenient gut-loading of this important herptile nutrient.

Nature Zone Water Bites for Feeder Insects is recommended for such reptile feeder insects as Crickets, Mealworms, and Super Worms. Also great for Hissing Cockroaches, Tarantulas, and other pet insects and arachnids.

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