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Nature Zone Reptile Salad Dressing

Nature Zone Reptile Salad Dressing
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* Reptile supplement you pour onto salad greens, dry foods or pellets
* Nutritional supplement, appetite stimulant, & reptile color enhancer
* Calcium and Vitamin D3 help guard against reptile Metabolic Bone Disease

Delicious, easy-to-offer reptile supplement boosts nutrition, appetite and natural reptile coloration. Nature Zone Reptile Salad Dressing offers a convenient way to enhance the nutritional profile of mixed greens, vegetables or even prepared dry foods or pellets. Irresistible fruity color, taste and smell help encourage appetite and greater acceptance of food items.

Pour Nature Zone Reptile Salad Dressing on top of your reptile's daily food ration to provide calcium and Vitamin D3 for healthy bones PLUS carotenoids, lycopene, and lutein to promote and maintain natural vivid coloration. Available in delicious strawberry flavor for Bearded Dragons, cantaloupe flavor for Tortoises and musk melon flavor for Iguanas. Not for human consumption.

Please select Nature Zone Reptile Salad Dressing for Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, or Iguanas.

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