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Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder

Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder
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* Live mealworm dispenser for lizards and other pet reptiles
* Transform reptile feedings to an active foraging experience
* Suction cup mealworm feeder inside reptile terrariums

Zoo MedSimple, inexpensive feeder redefines reptile feedings. Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder makes dinnertime more exciting, allowing reptiles to experience and savor the "hunt." Live wriggling mealworms fall slowly from the holes in the cup to tantalize hungry reptiles. Transparent cup furthers the anticipation by letting reptiles observe, monitor and track the movements of live prey. Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder provides enrichment that supports mental and physical well-being of reptiles AND a smarter alternative than dumping food directly in a food dish or on substrate.

Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder measures 3" diameter x 1-3/4" high (4" high including suction cup hanger) and contain twelve, 1/8" diameter openings.

NOTE: The Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder is intended for use with live mealworms. It is NOT intended for use with Superworms, which are too large or with canned or freeze-dried mealworms.

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