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Hagen Marina Decor Cave

Hagen Marina Decor Cave
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* Decorative and functional cave ornament for herptile habitats
* Use natural-looking poly-resin cave for extra shelter for reptiles
* Realistic décor great for reptile terrariums inspired by nature

Enhance reptile habitats with added shelter and ornate artificial plants. The Hagen Marina Reptile Décor Cave is the decorative shelter that spruces up any reptile habitat with ease. Poly-resin cave features amazing detail including faux finish for outstanding realism. Create a nature-inspired environment that's visually appealing and beneficial for herptiles. Offer shelter and hiding spots for a stress-free reptile sanctuary. Attached artificial plant softens hardscape for an appealing natural appearance.

Size Dimensions # of Amazon Sword Plants
Small 4.13" x 6.10 x 4.92" high One
Medium 6.10" x 8.85" x 6.49" high Two
Large 5.11" x 11.41" x 7.67" high Three

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