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Zilla Shed-Ease

Zilla Shed-Ease
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* Convenient reptile bath for easier shedding and healthier new skin
* Shed-Ease eases the reptile shedding process
* Twenty minute bath aids shedding for most reptiles

ZillaShed-Ease reptile bath is like a spa treatment for any skin-shedding reptile. Even in the healthiest terrariums, reptiles can have more trouble shedding their skin than they would in the wild. Shed-Ease makes the process much easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients that soften the old skin and add healthy luster to the new skin. After 20 minutes in a bath of Shed-Ease and water, most old skins slide off easily. Works even for reptiles suffering from stress, poor health, improper diet, or a lack of humidity.

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