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Zoo Med PowerSun UV Flood Lamps

Zoo Med PowerSun UV Flood Lamps
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* Reptile lighting with high-intensity UVB and UVA
* Penetrates up to 6 ft - ideal for larger, deeper enclosures
* Self-ballasted lamps fit any ceramic socket rated for the wattage

Zoo MedBring your reptile UVB, UVA, visible light, and heat - with greater intensity and deeper penetration than conventional fluorescent tubes. The ideal way to prevent calcium deficiency and increase your reptile's appetite, activity, breeding, and color. Nickel-plated threads ensure they will not corrode in humid reptile habitats. Ideal for larger, deeper enclosures and reptiles with high UV demands; penetrates up to 6 ft. Self-ballasted; use in any ceramic socket rated to handle the wattage.

The latest advancement in lighting technology for reptile terrariums. Emits both the UVA and UVB wavelengths, and provides a heat source for your reptile. However, you will need to use a heat source in your terrarium while your PowerSun UV is turned off.

The following species, in captivity, can benefit from the PowerSun UV lamp: Aquatic Turtles, Tortoises (all basking types), Iguanas, Monitors, Bearded Dragons, Sailfin Lizards (Hydrosaurus sp.), Basilisks, Water Dragons (Physignthus sp.), and Chameleons (Chameleo pardalis, C. calyptratus).

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