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API Turtle Water Conditioner

API Turtle Water Conditioner
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* Herptile-safe conditioner removes chlorine & chloramines from tap water
* Remove harmful tap water chemicals that can irritate turtle eyes and skin
* 5 ml makes 10 gallons of tap water safe for use in turtle tanks & aquatic herptile setups

Prevent harmful tap water chemicals from affecting your aquatic herptiles. API Turtle Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for aquatic reptiles and amphibians by removing chlorine and chloramines that can irritate eyes and skin. Also detoxifies heavy metals. Use API Turtle Water Conditioner during set up or water changes.

API Turtle Water Conditioner is safe for use with aquariums, paludariums, vivariums, and aquatic terrariums housing aquatic turtles, newts or aquatic frogs. 8 fl oz treats 474 gallons.

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