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Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner

Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner
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* Fast-acting natural rock & substrate cleaner for aquatic turtle tanks
* Biologically breaks down sludge and turtle waste from tank bottoms
* Clarifies dirty water, cleans turtle shell and limbs PLUS helps prevent shell rot

Expedite biological breakdown of tough organic waste material at the bottom of your turtle tank. Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner provides rapid natural reduction of sludge, organic waste and fecal matter for cleaner, healthier turtle habitats. Rock & Substrate Cleaner works 80% faster than a bacterial product alone while clarifying dirty tank water!

Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner reduces or eliminates the release of toxic gases and by-products by actively degrading lingering organic sludge and muck. Without efficient breakdown, accumulated organic solids on the tank bottom create conditions harmful to aquatic turtles. Regular use also improves filtration, keeps turtle shell and limbs clean PLUS aids in the prevention of shell rot. 8 oz treats 236 gallons (initial treatment dosage) or 472 gallons (maintenance dosage).

Please Note: Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner will discolor your tank water for 48-96 hours after application. The length of time to clear the discoloration will depend on your filtration system.

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80% faster results than bacterial products alone
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