Exo Terra® Large Natural Terrarium: Reptile Habitats
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Exo Terra® Large Natural Terrarium

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Exo Terra® Large Natural Terrarium
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* Our most popular glass terrarium for reptiles and amphibians is loaded with easy care features
* No detail was spared - locking, swing-out front doors and removable full screen top provide good ventilation
* Rock-like background made from black polystyrene adds dimension to your reptile's environment

Exo-TerraAmple living space and features galore make this advanced, all-glass terrarium perfect for your growing reptile needs. Designed by herpetologists, the Exo Terra Large Natural Terrarium is loaded with convenient features that ease reptile care. Dual front door windows offer a clear view but swing open independently for easy access. Extra high, fixed front window (below doors) allows a thick layer of substrate for burrowing reptiles or even an aquatic portion for a outstanding paludarium setup perfect for reptiles or amphibians.

Exo Terra Large Natural Terrarium with full screen top ventilation allows UVB and infrared penetration and is removable for cleaning or decorating. Five closable wire/tube inlets in back of screen cover allow convenient installation of heating rocks, waterfalls, or sensors. Simply remove background and route cords through inlets. Raised bottom frame allows exterior mounting of a substrate heater. Polystyrene Rock Terrarium Background adds a climbing surface while also helping terrarium insulation. Made from black polystyrene, not white, to preserve its natural look even if chipped or damaged.

The Exo Terra Large Natural Terrarium has specially designed, easy-turning latches to prevent escapes. However, for the ultimate in secure habitat closure, use the optional Exo Terra Terrarium Lock. Child proof combination lock prevents accidental escape of pet reptiles while easy-to-set design allows you to change the three digit tumbler combination as needed.

Habitat Creation
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