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Zoo Med Repti Sand

Zoo Med Repti Sand
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* Reptile sand substrate made of pure quartz desert sand
* Finely ground naturally colored particles help reduce impaction if consumed
* Great for bearded dragons, sand boas, or other burrowing herps

This natural quartz reptile sand substrate safely stimulates your herp to dig and burrow. Made of pure quartz desert sand, which is a better alternative to manufactured silica sand. Finely ground to help prevent impaction if consumed by your pet. Contains no additives, dyes, or colors. Each 5 lb bag fills a 10 gallon terrarium. Available in three natural colors to suit any desert-dwelling reptile.

For: Bearded dragons; leopard geckos; sand boas; desert iguanas; desert and semi-terrestrial skinks; uromastix, sandfish, collard, plated, leopard, girdle-tailed, or armadillo-type lizards; soft-shell turtles; tarantulas; scorpions; and burrowing frogs.

Herp Tip
Some reptiles may be tempted to ingest sand substrates. In small amounts, this can be harmless, but in larger amounts, can possibly cause impaction. There are steps you can take to reduce this possibility without sacrificing your substrate choice or the beauty of your reptile's habitat. Try the following tips:
  • Monitor your pet reptile during feeding times.
  • Place food offerings in a feeding dish or use feeding tongs instead of placing food directly onto the habitat substrate.
  • During mealtimes, place your reptile in a separate feeding environment.
  • Use a calcium dust on your reptile's food before feeding.
  • Remove any uneaten food from your reptile's environment.

Please click on "More Information" for ingredients, use and cleaning instructions, and helpful hints.

Natural colors with no added dyes or chemicals
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