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Exo Terra Desert Heat Wave Mat Substrate Heater

Exo Terra Desert Heat Wave Mat Substrate Heater
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* Innovative ultra-thin heater for desert reptile terrariums
* Provides a conductive heat source for reptiles and arachnids
* Mount under tank to safely and efficiently heat reptile substrate

Exo-TerraOptimize desert reptile habitats with this versatile and energy-efficient heater. Exo Terra Desert Heat Wave Mat Substrate Heater safely heats terrarium substrate, recreating conditions similar to desert sand beds warmed by the sun. Maintains stable temperature zones while using less energy than most reptile habitat heating devices. Self-adhesive heating mat with ultra-thin, conductive heat technology installs with ease and allows versatile use as an under-tank or wall-mounted heater. Safe, even heat distribution aids thermoregulation important for reptile health. Great for reptiles, arachnids and other ectothermic species housed in arid, desert terrariums. For use with glass terrariums only.

Note: When mounted under the tank, the Heat Wave Mat Substrate Heater should not be used without a substrate to prevent reptiles from being burned. Once in place, the Heat Wave Mat Substrate Heater should not be removed.

Model Dimensions
8 Watt 8" x 8"
12 Watt 10-1/2" x 11"
25 Watt 11" x 17"

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