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Exo Terra Jungle Vine

Exo Terra Jungle Vine
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* Bendable, twistable terrarium climbers look & feel like vines!
* Create a 3-dimensional reptile environment for healthy activity
* Waterproof décor ideal for arboreal reptile & amphibian habitats

Exo-TerraTake arboreal exploration to new heights! Exo Terra Jungle Vine makes it simple to create stimulating and realistic environments. Bendable, twistable vine holds their shape in any exciting terrarium configuration you can imagine. Lifelike waterproof décor features a bark-like texture for grippable, climbable surfaces that maximize usable space within any herptile habitat.

Combine Large and Small sizes for more realistic variations in climbing surfaces, replicating tropical vines at different stages of growth. Twist together vines of different sizes for a stunning 3-D habitat. Perfect for herptile habitats with snakes, geckos, iguanas, chameleons, tree frogs, or other climbing reptiles and amphibians.

Size Length Diameter
Small 6' 1/4"
Large 6' 1/2"

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