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Zoo Med Eco Earth® Coconut Substrate

Zoo Med Eco Earth Coconut Substrate 3-pk
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* Customer's favorite substrate is coconut fiber bedding that helps reduce elimination odors
* Reptile substrate can be safely composted or recycled
* Absorbs and breaks down waste products in reptile habitat

Versatile natural substrate for tropical or desert herptile species. Zoo Med Eco Earth is excellent bedding material for frogs, toads, dry land newts (not aquatic newts), tortoises, box turtles and other terrestrial turtles, forest dwelling lizards and snakes (not desert species) as well as all types of invertebrates including hermit crabs, spiders and insects. Made from a renewable resource of coconut fibers, eco-friendly Eco Earth can be safely composted when you perform a bedding/substrate change of your reptile's home. Naturally absorbs and breaks down odors and waste. Use damp for tropical species, dry for desert species, or mix with an organic fertilizer for the perfect vivaria soil.

Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate is shipped as eco-conscious bricks that require minimum packaging material for a sensible way to reduce packaging waste. Once properly hydrated, compressed coconut fiber brick expands up to eight times its size to produce 7-8 liters of ready-to-use substrate, enough for a 40-gallon aquarium. 3-pack.

Eco Earth Loose Fibers Coconut Fiber Substrate is ready to use right out of the bag for added convenience. Large 24 (Dry) Quart bag equals 23 liters or 0.8 cubic feet to provide ample bedding/substrate for reptile terrariums up to 40 gallons. 24 (Dry) quart bag.

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Environmentally Friendly Product

Eco-friendly products support your efforts to care for your terrarium with a "green" approach letting you take care of your reptiles while taking care of our planet, too.

NEW Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate available for greater convenience
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