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Zilla Desert 50 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs

Zilla Desert 50 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs
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* Delivers UVB light levels essential for desert reptile health
* Visible-spectrum illumination makes skin coloration more vivid
* Designed to fit most major fluorescent fixtures
* Promotes healthy bones in desert reptiles

ZillaHigh-efficiency bulbs provide the extra daily dose of UVB light that desert reptiles require for proper calcium development and long-term strength and bone health. Also delivers needed UVA light, plus full-spectrum illumination accents subtle reptile colors. Bulbs deliver 50 microwatts per second/cm and are designed for 3500 hours or 12 full months of average use.

Bulbs are ideal for most desert-dwelling reptiles, including: African Spurred-Thigh Tortoise, Ball Python, Bearded Dragons, Blue-Tongue Skinks, Eastern Box Turtles, Emerald Swifts, Fat-Tailed Gecko, Leopard Geckos, Nile Monitors, Red-Footed Tortoises, Savannah Monitors, Schneider's Skinks, Tegus, and Uromastyx.

Please click on "More Information" for precautions.

Bring a ray of desert sunshine to arid reptile habitats
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