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ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors for XSmall Birds

ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Canary/Finch
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* Nutritionally-balanced for your canary or other finches with nutrients in every bite
* Contains luscious dried fruits plus natural fruit flavors birds love
* Extruded pellets enhance nutrition absorption

Food FactsOffer your canary, other finches, or similar-sized softbills a nutritious diet filled with fruit flavor that he'll savor. ZuPreem's FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors bird food is nutritious and highly digestible and helps ensure your bird gets balanced nutrition in every bite. That's because a high degree of processing and extended cooking time goes into producing this vitamin and mineral fortified, extruded diet. That means your bird will put to use a greater amount of the nutrients contained in each colorful particle he eats. Ingredients include dried oranges, apples, and grapes plus other natural fruit flavors. Nugget sizes vary. Made in the USA.

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The perfect diet for canaries, other finches, and other small softbills.

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