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PondBuilder Muck Buster Ultimate Pond Cleaner

PondBuilder Muck Buster Ultimate Pond Cleaner
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* Muck Buster breaks down ugly pond sludge, slime & organic waste
* Safely treats pond water to clean filters, waterfalls, streams and more!
* Cleans ponds with barley, bacteria, enzymes and a secret ingredient

Effortlessly clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas throughout your pond. Muck Buster Ultimate Pond Cleaner is a safe, long-term solution that eliminates cumbersome and labor-intensive pond maintenance. Apply Muck Buster powder directly to your pond or filtration system and its multipurpose cleaning action tackles unsightly pond sludge, slime, waste and other organic materials.

Muck Buster contains powerful ingredients including Activated Barley®, a product of a patented process that combines beneficial bacterial cultures and barley. Together with enzymes plus a secret ingredient, this unique blend makes it simple to maintain clean, healthy ponds and water gardens. Break down and remove sludge and dark slimy debris from your pond shore, waterfall, stream, plant pots and even your filtration systems. Safe to use with fish, plants, birds or domestic animals that may drink from the pond. Discover why Muck Buster is THE ultimate pond cleaner!

Muck Buster 2.5 lb bottle treats 20,000 gallons and 6 lb bottle treats 96,000 gallons.

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2.5 lb,   CE-74678,   $54.39
6 lb,   CE-74679,   $126.79
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