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Pondmaster Deep Water Air Pumps

PondMaster Deep Water Air Pumps
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* Energy-efficient high volume air pumps great for large or deep ponds up to 10,000 gallons
* Maintains proper aeration for fish health and efficient biological filtration
* Use during freezing winters to prevent surface water from icing over for proper gas exchange

High volume air pumps inject a steady flow of air even in large or deep ponds. Increases dissolved oxygen levels to ensure fish health, proper biological filtration, and a healthy pond environment. Great way to raise vital oxygen levels during warm summer days when water is less able to hold oxygen. Also use during harsh winters to maintain proper gas exchange and to prevent surface water from icing over. Energy-efficient and quiet operation. Use 5/8" ID flexible vinyl tubing for AP-40, and 3/4" ID flexible vinyl tubing for AP-60 and AP-100 (tubing not included).

Features: 6 ft power cord, stabilizing rubber feet, water resistant ABS plastic housing, and a 12 port barbed air diffuser on AP-40, a 14 port barbed air diffuser on AP-60, and a 33 port barbed air diffuser on AP-100. 8" x 10" x 8-1/2". Shelter from weather.

Model Watts Pressure Max Volume
(Cubic inch
per minute)
Max Pond Size Max Depth Outlet Size
AP-40 40 5.8 psi 2900 Up to 5,000 gallons 10 ft 5/8"
AP-60 50 5.66 psi 5500 Up to 7,000 gallons 9-1/2 ft 3/4"
AP-100 100 6.53 psi 9150 Up to 10,000 gallons 11-1/2 ft 3/4"

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Please note: Return of electrical equipment to Drs. Foster & Smith for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement as covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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