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O.S.I. Koi Staple Pellets Color Enhancing Fish Food

O.S.I. Koi Staple Pellets Color Enhancing Fish Food
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* Staple pond fish diet with added vitamins, minerals and more
* Various exceptional ingredients give pond fish a nutritional boost
* Diverse color-enhancers support healthy coloration in koi and goldfish

O.S.I.Exceptional ingredients elevate standard fare to gourmet feast. O.S.I. Koi Staple Pellets Color Enhancing Fish Food is a staple diet with a unique blend of ingredients formulated to support rich coloration and overall health of pond koi and goldfish. Floating pellets are prepared with a wide variety of ingredients including quality protein sources from silkworm pupae, spirulina to help support a healthy immune system, garlic to entice feeding and much MORE. Support healthy coloration of your fish with strong pigment sources such as shrimp meal, carotene, marigold meal, and mixed green algae meal. Added vitamins and minerals boost nutrition and wheat germ blend helps keep this formula highly digestible. Medium-size pellets excellent as an all-purpose diet for koi, goldfish and other pond fish.

Feeding Instructions
Feed two or more times per day. Feed as much as the fish will consume in 2-4 minutes. Since the fish's metabolism slows in cold water, do not feed your fish if the water temperature is lower than 50°F (10°C).

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