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PondCare Pond Salt

Pond Salt by PondCare
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* Pond Salt helps improve fish gill function to reduce stress
* Adds electrolytes pond fish need for good health
* Pond Salt is 100% natural and safe for all pond fish

PondCareWhat's the secret to keeping healthy koi? A dash of evaporated seawater! Adding pond salt in small doses will help boost your koi's natural defenses to disease, stress, and nitrite toxicity. It is also a natural way to kill any parasites lurking in your pond.

First, pond salt acts as a stress coat, thickening the natural slime barrier which serves as a shield against disease. Second, the mineral-rich tonic supports healthy gill function by providing essential electrolytes with every breath, reducing the risk of stress-induced osmotic shock and even temporarily blocking the toxic effects of nitrite.

Disperse pond salt evenly around the shoreline while being careful to avoid direct contact with any plants. Pond salt will not evaporate, so the only time you need to add more is after water changes. Investing in a reliable refractometer will help you test and maintain trace salt levels. 145 oz contains approximately 18 cups.

Suggested use: Ponds without plants: 2-1/2 cupfuls per 100 gallons. Ponds with plants: 1-1/4 cupfuls per 100 gallons.

Disease treatment: In separate container, 2-1/2 cupfuls in 10 U.S. gallons of pond water for 5 to 10 minutes. 145 oz contains approximately 18 cups.

Please click on "More Information" for suggested use and disease treatment.

A Pinch of Pond Salt for Good Health
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