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Tetra Pond WaterBalance

Tetra Pond WaterBalance
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* 3-in-1 solution restores balance for a healthy pond environment
* Stabilizes pond water pH & KH and reduces phosphate nutrients
* Replenishes vitamins and minerals used by fish and other pond life

Streamline pond care with this convenient 3-in-1 pond water conditioner. TetraPond WaterBalance stabilizes pond water pH and carbonate hardness (KH), reduces phosphate nutrient and replenishes essential vitamins and minerals to ease pond care. Maintaining pond water chemistry can be complicated and an imbalance can affect the health of pond fish as well as the entire pond environment. Tetra Pond WaterBalance offers a simple solution for optimal pond water conditions.

Used regularly throughout the pond season, Tetra Pond WaterBalance plays a role in keeping pond maintenance to a minimum. 8.45 oz TetraPond WaterBalance treats 2,500 gallons.

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