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PondCare Quick Start

PondCare Quick Start
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* Immediately establish your pond's biological filter!
* Bacterial additive quickly consumes ammonia and nitrite
* Helps prevent fish & koi loss

PondCareProtect your fish during spring start-up by quickly and effectively controlling your pond's ammonia and nitrites with all-natural nitrifying bacteria. Also supports your biological filter throughout the season. Contains unique, patented strains of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria. Use when starting a new pond or starting up an established pond in the spring, adding new fish, changing water, changing filter media, after medicating or whenever ammonia or nitrite are detected. 16 oz treats 1417 gallons.

Quick Start vs Control - Ammonia
Figure 1. Average ammonia levels in the QUICK START and Control ponds over time.*

Quick Start vs Control - Nitrite
Figure 2. Average nitrite levels in the QUICK START and Control ponds over time.*

*Please click on More Information for study details.

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Please click on "More Information" for usage directions and more on Quick Start.

Ideal for spring start-ups!
Compare & SAVE! Drs. Foster & Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria
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