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BioMate Filter Media Balls

BioMate Pond Filter Media Balls
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* Media Balls aerate and increase biological activity in your pond
* Use anywhere biological media can be used
* Advanced design maximizes bacteria growing surface

Lifegard AquaticsInnovative filter media balls enhance biological activity, aeration, and now, even more. Improved BioMate Solid Balls create the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to efficiently process harmful ammonia and nitrite. Filled Media Balls utilize innovative media-in-media design to do the job of two filter media. Perfect when space is limited. Outer shell provides site for beneficial bacteria, and internal media provide additional mechanical, chemical, or biological filtration. Pre-rinse these media balls before use. Layer different media balls for superior pond filtration. Ceramic, Carbon, and Foam-filled Balls can be opened to replace media inside. Choose from Solid, Carbon-Filled, Foam-Filled, or Ceramic-Filled.

Click here for Carbon-Filled replacement media.

BioMate Solid
1" Balls approx 230 ct, for 35-50 gallons
1-1/2" Balls 74 ct, for 35-50 gallons
BioMate Foam-Filled
1-1/2" Balls 74 ct, for 35-50 gallons
BioMate Ceramic-Filled
1-1/2" Balls 74 ct, for 35-50 gallons
BioMate Carbon-Filled
1-1/2" Balls 74 ct, for 35-50 gallons

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