Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter: External Gravity Filter for Ponds
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Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter

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Biotec 10.1 Biological Filter
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* Multistage biological & mechanical filter for ponds up to 10,000 gallons
* Easy-to-maintain gravity filter helps support high pond water quality
* Varying filter foam density supports exceptional pond biological filtration

Multi-stage gravity filter boasts outstanding mechanical and biological filtration for exceptional pond water quality. Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter employs multiple high-surface area filter foams of varying densities to support both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to effectively process nitrogenous pond pollutants. Unique filter design accommodates high flow-rates to ensure proper pond water circulation and an oxygen-rich pond environment.

Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter features inlets for optional aeration pump, filter maintenance indicator, plunger-style filter pad cleaning system, sludge discharge drain, secondary hose inlet, thermometer, and two chemical filter media slots. 2-1/2" outlet.

Add an Oase Vitronic UV-C Clarifier to combat green pond water algae and enhance overall pond water quality.

How BioSmart Filter Works:

The red and blue filter pads support an oxygen-rich environment where harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite are converted through a process called nitrification into more benign compounds. The Green filter pads are designed to support a second, low-oxygen biological environment where microorganisms convert the products in the first phase into gaseous nitrogen.

All filter pads are hung from the internal cover. This makes cleaning extremely easy and convenient. When the pads require cleaning (as indicated by the cleaning indicator), they can be "pumped" clean by pulling in the built-in handles. Removal of the pads for cleaning is not necessary. The secondary water inlet can be connected to the water supply or a garden pump and used to flush debris and sludge out during cleaning. Filters feature a cleaning indicator. When water can no longer pass through the filter pads at the required rate, an indicator alerts to that fact.

Oxygen is added to pond water as it first enters the filter by application of the Venturi principle in order to support the nitrification process in the first biological filter zone. An aeration pump can also be connected so oxygen can be added directly where it is required. The thermometer displays the current water temperature.

Oase BioSmart Pond Filter Max gph* Max Pond Size Fittings: In Dimensions
Model 5000
(Mfg# 56929)
2,700 5,000 gallons 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" 22" x 22" x 16" high
Model 10000
(Mfg# 56930)
3,600 10,000 gallons 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" 30" x 22" x 16" high
*Requires a minimum flow rate of 1,600 gph

Oase BioSmart Pond Filter # of Red Filter Foams # of Blue Filter Foams # of Green Filter Foams
Model 5000
(Mfg# 56929)
1 2 1
Model 10000
(Mfg# 56930)
4 4 1

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This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
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