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Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter

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Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter
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* Multistage pond filter featuring excellent bio-mechanical filtration
* Pressure filter effectively traps particulates for polished pond water
* Large, easy-grip backwash valve reverses flow to ease pond filter upkeep

Italian innovation upgrades pressure filter design with multistage filtration AND greater ease-of-use. Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter keeps pond water clean and healthy with little effort on your part. This easy-to conceal system can be partially buried for discreet, low-profile installation that preserves the beauty of your pond or water garden. Once installed, multiple stages of biological and mechanical filtration do the rest.

Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter operates under pressure so there's no loss in flow rate. A steady flow of unfiltered pond water enters and clean, clear water leaves the unit to create water features such as streams and waterfalls. Large, easy-grip backwash valve reverses water flow to activate the filter's backwash system. Accumulated waste is flushed out for rapid cleaning without having to open or dismantle the filter. Prexo UV models enhance long-term water clarity by destroying freefloating green algae and bacteria blooms that cause green and cloudy water. Each model comes complete with filter media, hose barb fittings, and accessories.

Requires appropriately sized pump and tubing (1" inlet/outlet) for operation, sold separately.

Multistage Prexo Filtration
The bottom of the Prexo multistage filter features a waste chamber that collects larger debris, allowing it to settle before they can clog the filter media. A layer of Cobalt Kinshi Sponge provides mechanical and biological filtration designed specifically for koi ponds. This special, low-density mesh is highly resistant to blockage and provides surface area for beneficial bacterial colonies. Cobalt Bioglobes provides dedicated biological filtration for maximum bacterial colonization without restricting water flow. Two layers of filtering sponges, one coarse (Black) and one fine (Blue), provide additional space for nitrifying bacteria while giving pond water a final polish.

Model UV Dimensions Rec. gph Ponds
(w/out fish)
1800 UV 8W 14" dia x 17"h 600-1,600 500-1,000 gal 1,000-1,800 gal 10"
3100 No 14" dia x 23" h 794-1,600 1,000-1,600 gal 1,600-3,100 gal 15.5"

Downloadable Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter Instructions PDF and Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter Media Diagram PDF.
(Both require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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Please click on "More Information" for installation and maintenance instructions.

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Manufacturer Restricted Price
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