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PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter

PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter
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* Waterfall filter for improved pond water quality and clarity
* Provide efficient biological filtration and pond water aeration
* Dramatic waterfall display supports a healthy pond environment

Tackle large do-it-yourself pond waterfall projects with ease. The PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter is priced right so you enjoy professional results without paying too much. Create a soothing waterfall that filters and aerates pond water for a healthy environment for koi and other pond fish. Innovative Matala bio-filter mat provides mechanical and biological filtration for clean, clear pond water. Fill included 12" x 18" media bag(s) with Springflo Bio-Filter Media or any bio-media of your choice to enhance biological filtration. PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter is great for new or existing ponds and water gardens.

Includes: Filter/Waterfall Unit With 1.5" Inlet, Detachable Weir, Matala Bio-Filter Mat, Mesh Media Bag(s), Plumbing Fittings, Stainless Steel Screws, Screw Caps, Liner Clips, Silicone, and Installation Instructions.

Model Dimensions
L x W x D
Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate # of Media Bags
14" Spillway 20-1/2" x 20" x 15-3/4" 8 ft x 11 ft 2,340 gph 1
20" Spillway 22" x 23" x 19" 11 ft x 16 ft 4,200 gph 2

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Manufacturer Restricted Price
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