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EPDM Pond Liners

EPDM Pond Liners
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* Flexible and rugged 45mil EPDM rubber especially for water garden applications
* Pond Gard pond liners carry a 20-year manufacturer's warranty
* Long lasting pond liners can be cut for custom pond or water garden construction

Firestone Pond Gard Rubber Pond LinersThese flexible, rugged, long-lasting liners are made of 45mil EPDM rubber especially for water garden applications, and produced to the strictest specifications. Liners carry a 20-year manufacturer's warranty. To reduce punctures due to sharp rocks, install Pond Liner Underlayment.

How to Calculate Liner Size: To find the dimensions of the liner you need, take the desired length and width of your pond and add two times the desired maximum depth. You'll need some overlap on the pond banks to secure the liner in place, so add an additional 1-1/2 to 2 feet to these figures. For example: For a finished pond that measures 10 ft long x 15 ft wide x 1-1/2 ft deep, you'll need a 15' x 20' liner.

The following Pond Sizes are based on 2' depth with 2' overlap for securing:

Liner Size Pond Size
10' x 15' 4' x 9'
15' x 20' 9' x 14'
15' x 25' 9' x 19'
15' x 50' 9' x 44'
15' x 100' 9' x 94'
20' x 20' 14' x 14'
20' x 50' 14' x 44'
20' x 100' 14' x 94'

Please click on "More Information" for pond planning tips.

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