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Kordon Pond Amquel Plus

Kordon Pond Amquel Plus
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* Improved pond water conditioner simplifies koi and pond fish care
* Multipurpose pond ammonia-remover, de-chlorinator, and more
* Detoxifies toxic organics in older pond water to boost water quality

Kordon LLCImproved formulation effectively tackles a wide variety of toxic pond pollutants. Kordon Pond Amquel Plus is a multipurpose pond water conditioner that instantly detoxifies ammonia as well as nitrates, nitrites, chloramines, and chlorine harmful to koi and other pond fish.

Kordon Pond Amquel Plus also detoxifies toxic pheromones and toxic organics in older water, allowing for fewer water changes. Does not interfere with biological filtration or nitrifying bacteria that keep your pond water healthy and clean.

Use Kordon Pond Amquel Plus when setting up a new pond to reduce problems with "New Pond Syndrome," after water changes, or anytime your pond nitrogen cycle is compromised or burdened. Great for overcrowded ponds with heavy fish loads where nitrogen compounds can accumulate in the pond water.

16-ounce Kordon Pond Amquel Plus treats up to 1,920 gallons, 1-gallon size treats 15,360 gallons for average pond water conditions.

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Improved odor-free formulation detoxifies pond water pollutants
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