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Mechanical Filter Media

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Mechanical Filter Media
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* Premium pond filter media for custom mechanical filtration
* Cut-to-fit filter media pads accommodates most pond filters
* Varied densities plus carbon-infused pads ensure crystal-clear pond water

Made in the USAFit virtually any pond filtration system with cut-to-fit pads available in a variety of styles and densities. Mechanical Filter Media enhance pond water cleanliness and overall health with greater ease. Customize any pond filter with additional mechanical filtration for improved water quality and efficient biological filtration. Choose carbon-infused pad or the density that best suits your needs to achieve crystal-clear pond water. Made in the USA.

Lime Filter Pad - Super-fine density filter media perfect for removing small particulate matter from pond water. 1" thick.

Beige Filter Pad - Fine density filter media traps smaller debris. Perfect all-purpose mechanical filtration. Choose from 2 thicknesses.

Black Filter Pad - Coarse density filter media captures larger debris. Use with Lime Filter Pad and Beige Filter Pad to transition varying densities for optimum biological filtration. 1" thick.

Carbon Pad - Fine-density pads infused with activated carbon remove debris AND dissolved impurities. Great for removing discoloration and odors from pond water. 1/2" thick.

Micron Felt Pads - Reusable pads trap tiny debris to "polish" aquarium water to sparkling clarity. Highly effective filter pads perfect for protecting biological filter media from clogs. 1/8" thick.

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