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Pond Logic PondClear Natural Beneficial Bacteria by Airmax

Pond Logic PondClear Natural Beneficial Bacteria by Airmax
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* Special beneficial bacteria clears pond water of organic debris
* Promotes clean, healthy ponds by digesting suspended organics
* Convenient water soluble packets make treating your pond a breeze

Pond Logic by AirmaxRestore pond water clarity with naturally occurring bacteria that consume suspended organics. Pond Logic PondClear Natural Beneficial Bacteria by Airmax is a special blend of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria designed to promote a clean and healthy ecosystem. Suspended organic debris is digested and converted into an odorless gas that safely escapes out of the water column. Notice a difference in pond water clarity in just a few weeks after your first application!

Pond Logic PondClear Natural Beneficial Bacteria by Airmax is available in no-mess Water Soluble Packets for convenient treatment. Simply toss in the recommended amount to tackle organic debris that cause decreased water clarity, muck accumulation and pond imbalance. Liquid PondClear contains the same powerful beneficial bacteria but at lower up-front purchase price. Perfect for pond owners on a budget or wanting to try PondClear for the first time. PondClear is a completely natural product safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

12-Pack PondClear treats a 1/4 acre pond for 3 months.

24-Pack PondClear treats a 1/4 acre pond for 6 months.

1 gallon Liquid treats a 1/4 acre pond for 1 month.

Pond Logic PondClear Dosage Rate

Pond Size
(In Surface Acres)
(Every 2-4 Weeks)
Up to 1/4 1/2 gallon or 2 Packets
Up to 1/2 1 gallon or 4 Packets
Up to 3/4 1-1/2 gallons or 6 Packets
Up to 1* 2 gallons or 8 Packets

*For ponds larger than one surface acre, use an additional two gallons or eight packets per surface acre every four weeks.

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