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Microbe-Lift® Dechlorinator + Water Conditioner

Microbe-Lift® Dechlorinator + Water Conditioner
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* Highly concentrated, multipurpose conditioner for koi ponds
* Fast-acting conditioner makes tap water safe for pond use
* Added slime coat replacer, electrolytes and alkalinity booster keep pond inhabitants healthy

Give your pond fish the ultimate in healthy pond water. Highly concentrated water conditioner instantly dechlorinates and detoxifies tap water while conditioning pond water. Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator + Pond Conditioner removes up to 4 mg/liter total chlorine, destroys chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals PLUS replaces slime coat, boosts alkalinity level, and adds essential electrolytes.

Unlike some other dechlorinators, Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator + Pond Conditioner breaks the chloramine bond and effectively detoxifies copper and other heavy metals without scavenging oxygen. Multipurpose conditioner contains two ingredients to help replace your fishes' protective slime coat plus electrolytes to help reduce stress in your pond fish. Use Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator + Pond Conditioner when making partial water changes, or when replacing evaporated water. For conditioning water for ponds where ammonia and chloramines are not a consideration. 16 oz treats up to 960 gallons. 1 gallon treats up to 11,520 gallons.

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Please click on "More Information" for directions and the importance of healthy pond water.

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