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Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter

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Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter
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* Professional filter for cleaner, healthier koi & goldfish ponds
* Multistage bio-filtration eliminates ammonia toxic to pond life
* Modular pond filter comes pre-installed with media for quick setup

Modular, multistage mechanical and biological filtration delivers pristine water quality for cleaner, healthier koi ponds. Cobalt Puro Gravity Filter is designed with the water garden and koi pond hobbyist in mind.

Italian engineering ensures easy assembly and maintenance featuring individual filter compartments that allow convenient media removal even while the system is still running. Clever bypass system maintains consistent water flow through the filter even if a media compartment becomes clogged. Latch closures secure lid onto filter unit.

Built from durable, UV and shock-resistant plastic, the Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter provides years of reliable use. Comes factory-installed with media and includes plumbing accessories for quick, no-guesswork setup and installation.

Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter features multiple stages of filtration. Each stage of filtration is specifically designed to complement the other media in the system, resulting in crystal clear, healthy water for your koi or goldfish!

Prefilter Brushes (Mechanical)
Tough, nylon bristle brushes screen out large debris (leaves, gravel, algae filament) before it reaches and clogs the Kinshi sponge.

Cobalt Kinshi Sponge (Mechanical/Biological)
Unique filter media designed specifically for filtering koi ponds. The innovative Kinshi material screens out particulates that pass through the Prefilter Brushes. The special low density mesh design is highly resistant to blockage and provides surface area for bacterial colonies to develop and guarantees effective biological filtration.

Filter Sponge (Mechanical/Biological)
Before returning to the pond, the water is filtered again by a fine filtering sponge which traps smaller waste particles for a final polish. The large surface area of the sponges also provides additional space for nitrifying bacteria to colonize, increasing the size of the biological filter.

Cobalt Bioglobes (Biological)
Spherically shaped Bioglobes are dedicated biological filter media specifically designed to provide the largest surface area for bacterial colonies to flourish, without restricting water flow.

Model Dimensions Fittings
Puro 3 38.20" x 21.25"
x 13.4"
1"/1-1/2" Cascade 4500 1175 4,000 gallon

Media Configuration

  Puro 3
# of Single Media Basket 3
# of Double Media Basket 3

Downloadable 4-Stage Filtration PDF, and Cobalt PURO Gravity Filter Components PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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