Pond De-icers for Winter: Allied Precision PDT15 Convertible Pond De-Icer
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Convertible Pond De-Icer

Convertible Pond De-Icer
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* Versatile 2-in-1 pond de-icer you use as a floating or sinking unit
* Multiple thermostats ensure safe reliable pond de-icer operation
* Teflon® coated finned heating element maximizes de-icer performance

Choosing the right de-icer is easy thanks to the versatile Convertible Pond De-Icer from Allied Precision. This clever unit prevents freezing winters from completely sealing the surfaces of large or small ponds. Powerful 1,500 watt de-icer converts from a floating unit to a sinking de-icer depending on your needs. Use unit as a floating de-icer in larger ponds or for placement farther away from shore. Remove rugged, oversized float for use in smaller ponds or in shallow areas closer to shore.

Allied Precision Convertible Pond De-Icer boasts innovative features for safe and reliable operation. Multiple thermostats ensure accurate activation when pond water temperatures drop below 43°F and automatically shuts off at 58-60°F. Distinct finned design encasing the heating element distributes heat evenly for maximum performance while remaining cooler to the touch. Durable cast aluminum base resists mineral buildup thanks to its special Teflon coating. Use the Convertible Pond De-Icer to maintain an opening in the ice for vital gas exchange throughout freezing winter months. 7-1/2" x 7" x 5" high. 15 ft power cord. 1,500 watts.

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