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Organization for Bat Conservation Bat Houses

Organization for Bat Conservation Bat Houses
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* House for bats keep bats near, helping to control the mosquito population and the diseases mosquitoes transmit, like West Nile Virus
* Bat houses benefit bats, you, your family, communities, farmers, gardeners and the ecosystem
* Bat houses give bats an alternative to our houses, reducing the chance of human to bat contact

Made in the USAInvite colonies of bats - up to 300! - into your yard to keep insects at bay and help the ecosystem. Designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation to promote occupancy rates, these bat houses provide a safe home for bats and are educational and fun for your whole family. In recent years, the population of bats has decreased radically. You can provide a safe, healthy home for them when you put up one of these simple bat structures. Bats catch and eat mosquitoes, so having bats around can significantly decrease your mosquito population. One bat eats about 1,200 insects in one hour! Most importantly, when placed correctly, bat houses help keep bats out of your house.

These bat houses are constructed of weather-resistant cedar with 3/4" exterior plywood back. Slanted roof and fully caulked sides offer warmer temperatures and prevent rain and chill. Inside, and on the landing space outside the entrance, the houses feature polyethylene mesh for the bats to maneuver as they land and grip as they sleep. Mesh also helps baby bats grip better. Extended landing space offers bats easy entrance and exit. Also features a ventilation slot for air circulation. Thinner chambers and a predator guard offer protection. This house may be mounted to a vertical surface with the predrilled hole on the top and bottom. Choose Single Chamber, for up to 100 bats, great for urban areas or houses with backyards; 14" x 4" x 24" high. Larger Triple Chamber, with room for up to 300 bats, is ideal for larger acreage; 14" x 6" x 24" high. Hardware included. Made in the USA.

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Please click on "More Information" for placement, bat migration, and bat facts.

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