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Polly's Pet Sandy Swings

Polly's Pet Sandy Swings
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* Multifunctional perch swing keeps pet bird nails trim and groomed
* Sandy Swing entertains your pet bird while developing motor skills
* Fun and easy way to groom your bird AND enrich cage environment

Keep nails trim and groomed while your pet bird swings away! Polly's Pet Sandy Swings are multifunctional perch swings that transform perching into pampering playtime. Sand-covered perch naturally and gently trims nails and beaks while swinging action helps develop overall balance, coordination and motor skills. Natural swinging sensation is like perching on a swaying bough. Polly's Pet Sandy Swings with neon polycarbonate wheels come in assorted colors.

Sandy Swing Dimension Recommended For
Small 1" dia. x 6" long Conures, Cocktails and similar
Large 1.5" dia x 8" long Congo Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, small Cockatoos and similar

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