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Sunburst® Soak n' Sprout Sprouting Seeds with Quinoa

Sunburst® Soak n' Sprout 
Sprouting Seeds with Quinoa
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* Bird treat contains sprouted seeds for a natural, nutritious way to give small birds their veggies
* Treat for birds offers a unique seed blend with safflower, buckwheat, canary, mung bean, and more
* Parakeet, cockatiel and canary treat is easy to use - simply soak in water to sprout, and offer a treat she'd seek in nature

Give your small bird a nutritious reward of fresh food, the very stuff she'd seek in the wild. Sprouted seeds are live foods that offer the nutritional value of the grown plant, but concentrated into a tiny package birds naturally seek. Seed sprouts are a revolutionary, yet easy way to give your bird vegetables that are essential for good health. Sprouts are a much better nutritional choice than processed foods, because they also contain natural digestive enzymes that help birds break down food. Ideal for canaries, finches, parakeets, and cockatiels.

Sunburst Soak n' Sprout blend with quinoa offers your bird nutritious seeds like safflower, buckwheat, canary, mung bean and more. The sprouting is easy and takes just up to 72 hours; directions are provided on the package. Sprouts can be stored up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

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