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Parakeet Treat Sticks

Parakeet Treat Sticks
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* Great nutrition in a fun foraging treat for parakeets
* Treat stick has a wooden core dipped in a calcium & mineral rich “batter”
* Swinging motion simulates the sway of plants birds feed on in the wild
This product not only offers great nutrition, but also the opportunity for your pet birds to play with and “work” for their food. The swinging motion created as birds work to free the seed simulates the motion of grasses, flowers or other plants that the animals feed on in the wild. Every Vitakraft treat stick has a wooden core which is dipped in a calcium and mineral rich “batter”, coated with seeds and grains and then baked. This process is repeated at least three times. The result is a very long lasting, triple baked treat that is as nutritious as it is fun for your pet. When the seed is all gone, birds can extend their enjoyment by nibbling on the wooden core.

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Quantity Discount Available:
6 or more: $2.69 each
Quantity Discount Available:
6 or more: $2.69 each
Quantity Discount Available:
6 or more: $2.69 each
Quantity Discount Available:
6 or more: $2.69 each
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