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Roudybush Lory Diet

Roudybush Lory Diet
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* This healthy, nutritious Lory food contains no added colors, fragrances, and no animal byproducts
* Lower in sugar to help reduce the incidence of yeast infections
* Formulated for your Lory's specific needs by avian nutritionist, Tom Roudybush

Food FactsThis nutritionally complete, all-natural Lory nectar diet may be served dry, moistened, or as a nectar. Specifically designed to be fed to Lories as a maintenance diet. It's also great for hand-feeding. The diet is lower in sugar than other brands of nectars. Less sugar is helpful to reduce incidence of yeast infections that Lories are prone to due to the high sugar diets they are commonly fed. Contains 15% protein and 3% fat. Available in a 3 lb resealable bag.

Please click on "More Information" for feeding instructions, ingredients and guaranteed analysis.

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