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Pretty Bird® Conure/African Bird Food

Pretty Bird Conure/African Bird Food
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* Species-specific formula meets the nutritional needs of your conure or African bird species
* Contains guaranteed vitamin levels, to support overall health
* Includes unique ingredients, such as watermelon and cantaloupe seeds, nuts, and fruits your bird craves

Give your species the nutrients needed to thrive. Each bag of Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies contains a carefully chosen selection of the finest quality ingredients, all of which have passed a rigorous inspection and testing procedure to ensure their quality.

Conures and African species such as Senegals and African Greys eat a wide variety of foods such as nuts, seeds, and fruits in their native habitat. Seeds such as watermelon, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and sunflower are included in this mix as well as nuts like pistachios and pine nuts, in addition to tropical fruits like papaya and bananas. These ingredients, and others these birds would eat in the wild, are included in Jungle Munchies Conure/African Bird Food.

Wild parrot species also glean other nutrients from their surroundings, such as certain vitamins and minerals. Jungle Munchies are specifically formulated with guaranteed vitamin levels such as from Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and minerals like copper and calcium. This food is flavor-enhanced to ensure that your bird will ingest and enjoy his daily balanced meals.

Jungle Munchies are nitrogen-flushed for freshness and seed viability, and does not include peanuts or fillers. Jungle Munchies contains more of everything your bird loves to eat.

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