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Kaytee Grassland Foraging Diet for Parakeets

Kaytee Grassland Foraging Diet for Parakeets
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* Encourages natural foraging with ingredients found in a parakeet's natural grassland habitat
* Nutritionally-fortified specifically for parakeets
* Specific to the parakeet/budgerigar species nutrient requirements

No Sweetners

This habitat-inspired foraging diet for parakeets combines the reliability of a nutritionally-fortified daily diet with the excitement and enrichment of species-specific ingredients similar to those found in your 'keet's natural habitat. Natural vegetation, grasses, and seeds provide the nutritional variety and mental stimulation nature intended, while encouraging healthy foraging and eating behavior. Grasslands blends focus on species, like parakeets, which require a more arid-based diet. Included in this diet are ingredients that encourage natural grazing and foraging behavior. Among the more traditional ingredients selection such as canary seed, two kinds of millet, hulled sunflower, and flax seed, this blend includes nutrient-rich flowers, grasses, stalked seed, and other vegetation native to the wild grasslands of your parakeet's ancestors.

The combination of unique grassland-inspired ingredients and professionally formulated parakeet nutrition add excitement and enrichment to feeding time. You know how much your bird likes to forage. Provide your beautiful budgie with food he can pick out of his seed, such as millet stalks, jasmine flower buds, and pieces of Timothy and alfalfa grasses. This foraging diet made especially for parakeets is the fun, affordable, and responsible way to feed your bird's mind and body!

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