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Australian Cockatiel Treat Sticks

Australian Cockatiel Treat Sticks
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* Entertaining treat sticks with ingredients from cockatiels' indigenous habitat
* Challenges your pet bird to expend natural energy
* Triple-baked to ensure a delicious crunch

Vitakraft's Sticks are a nutritional concept learned from nature. Each stick is specially formulated with wholesome ingredients from the species' indigenous habitats. So birds get the nutrients nature meant them to have. But just as important as providing the right food is ensuring the appropriate amount of mental and physical exercise for captive birds. These sticks challenge birds so they expend natural energy just as they would tracking down a meal in the wild. As they peck and gnaw at these treat sticks, they are fending off laziness and boredom.

Honey Sticks For the Australian Cockatiel and small hookbills. Made with honey, canary grass seed, pansy seed, corn flower seed, eucalyptus leaves, and more.

Fruit Sticks For the Australian Cockatiel and small hookbills. Made with sunflower seed, safflower seed, pine seed, thistle seed, dehydrated apples, apricots, carrots, raisins, and more.

Kiwi Sticks For all Australian cockatiels and small hookbills. Made with a very high vitamin C content. Ingredients include: kiwi, safflower seed, sunflower seed, canary grass seed, honey, and more.

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