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Sweet Feet & Beak Perch

Sweet Feet & Beak Perch
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* Eliminate sharp nails and condition your bird's beak
* Concrete bird perch offers the perfect manicure
* Colorful conditioning bird perch also exercises legs and feet

Healthier nail AND beak conditioning is as easy as installing this fun perch. Sweet Feet & Beak Thermal-Lite Naturals Perch features a unique flared disc on the mounting end for the perfect beak "manicure." Clever conditioning bird perch further pampers your pet with nature-inspired perching surface that keeps nails trimmed while exercising legs and feet.

Install Sweet Feet & Beak Thermal-Lite Naturals Perch to give your bird an "in-cage" spa treatment! Nontoxic lightweight concrete bird perch maintains room temperature for added comfort. Clean easily with soap and water. Includes mounting hardware. Assorted colors.

Size Dimensions Suggested For
XSmall 7/8" diameter x 6" long Cockatiels and Lovebirds
Small 1" diameter x 9" long Conures, Cockatiels and Lovebirds
Medium 1-1/4" diameter x 11" long Small Cockatoos, Lories and Pionus
Large 1-1/2" diameter x 13" long Congo Greys, Amazon and Eclectus
XLarge 2" diameter x 17" long Parrots, Amazons to Macaws

Please click on "More Information" for mounting instructions.

The only patented pedicure bird perch on the market!
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 05/27/2015.
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 05/27/2015.
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