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Supreme Cotton Bendable Bridge

Supreme Cotton Bendable Bridge
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* Quick link on each end lets you hang across cage as a bridge, or use as a perch
* Bridge is wrapped with superior Supreme Cotton, fiber that doesn't tangle in your bird's toes
* Your bird will pick and preen at this soft cotton as he perches on the cushy comfort

Bridge this comfortable perch across your bird's cage, and watch him perch and preen while he chews at the wooden beads. Supreme Cotton is wrapped around a secure wire and large wood beads are spaced across the perch for chewing fun. Preening is one of your bird's most enjoyable activities and can help him with unhealthy behaviors caused by boredom. Chewing is another activity to keep your bird busy. Perch includes a quick link at each end to attach easily in your bird's cage. Perfect for birds sized from parakeet to conure.

Note: As with any toy, monitor your bird when you initially offer it and remove if he appears to be chewing and ingesting rope portion.

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Please click on "More Information" for facts on Supreme Cotton and preening.

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