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Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch

Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch
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* Bird perch with flexible acrylic springboard for fun dancing activity
* Keeps pet birds entertained & physically active with bouncing action
* Dual mounting option allows pet birds to dance inside or outside of cage

So, you think your bird can dance? Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch features a flexible acrylic springboard that puts your feathered superstar to the test. Bouncing action of the perch allows your pet bird to "dance" with vigorous style. This innovative perch helps keep your bird physically and mentally fit PLUS provides great entertainment for the family!

Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch can be installed vertically or horizontally, inside or outside of bird cages to provide an assortment of enriching activity. The bouncing action of the Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch simulates branches swaying in the wind and takes advantage of your bird's instinctive fondness to bounce. Metal washer and wing nut attachment.

Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch measures 14" x 7" x 2-1/4" high with a 1" diameter wooden dowel perch. Recommended for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds and Conures.

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