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Nature's Perch Maker

Nature's Perch Maker
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* Customize your bird's cage with a branch from your own backyard
* Adjust the perch for natural bounce action
* Fits any cage and holds branches up to 1/2" diameter

Make your own natural perch for your bird with branches right from your backyard. Real branches offer your pet bird variable footing and exercise for claws and a natural source for chewing and beak conditioning. Easy-to-assemble cage accessory - simply twist a branch into place. Perch Maker will support branches up to 1/2" diameter. You can use larger diameter branches too - just whittle it down to fit the Perch Maker. Adjust the perch tension for rigid or natural bounce action for a fun and entertaining addition to your bored bird's cage. No need to sterilize old perches, just replace them with a new branch. Fits any cage.

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